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I stifled a sigh and ignored the Imprinted Drunk Vision Girl.


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I just found you - I don't want to leave you so soon.
P.C. Cast

Because you are the superhero fledgling. I'm just your more attractive sidekick. Oh, and the herd of nerds are your dorky minions.
P.C. Cast

But we're going to smile and pretend we're fine with the dorky birthmas gifts because people do not get that they can't mush a birthday into christmas.
P.C. Cast

He was chugging brown pop from a can Jack had handed him while he stuffed nacho cheese Doritos in his face. I was glad to see he looked lots better, almost completely like himself, which proves Doritos and brown pop really are health foods.
P.C. Cast

If its got tires or testicles it's going to give you trouble
P.C. Cast

He's not the brightest crayola in the pack.
P.C. Cast

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