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(About Art, Progress)

Only mediocrities progress. An artist revolves in a cycle of masterpieces, the first of which is no less perfect than the last.

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Please do not shoot the pianist. He is doing his best.
Oscar Wilde

A misanthrope I can understand - a womanthrope never
Oscar Wilde

It is well for our vanity that we slay the criminal, for if we suffered him to live he might show us what we had gained by his crime.
Oscar Wilde

Philanthropy seems to me to have become simply the refuge of people who wish to annoy their fellow creatures
Oscar Wilde

When liberty comes with hands dabbled in blood it is hard to shake hands with her.
Oscar Wilde

That is what the highest criticism really is, the record of one's own soul. It is more fascinating than history, as it is concerned simply with oneself. It is more delightful than philosophy. . .
Oscar Wilde

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