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Don't squander the gold of your days, listening to the tedious, trying to improve the hopeless failure, or giving away your life to the ignorant, the common, and the vulgar

("The Picture of Dorian Gray")

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Punctuality is the thief of time.
Oscar Wilde

How sad it is I shall grow old, and horrid, and dreadful. But this picture will remain always young. It will never be older than this particular day of June. . . . If it was only the other way If it was I who were to be always young, and the picture that were to grow old For this--for this--I would give everything Yes, there is nothing in the whole world I would not give
Oscar Wilde

To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim.
Oscar Wilde

Self-denial is the shining sore on the leprous body of Christianity.
Oscar Wilde

Your rank and wealth, Harry; my brains, such as they are - my art, whatever it may be worth; Dorian Gray's good looks - we shall all suffer for what the gods have given us, suffer terribly.
Oscar Wilde

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