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My concern is the integrity of the process, respect for the Senate and the subcommittee. So it's really important to clear the air, to find out what folks knew and when they knew it.

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We take very seriously the importance of testifying honestly before this committee,
Norm Coleman

Is it going to become a vehicle for global taxation of domain names Are you going to allow folks who have demonstrated a pattern of suppression of content, are they going to be put in charge of running this thing
Norm Coleman

There is an election that will be held on November 5, and I'm going to say this It's just an election, ... My wife and I have lost two children. I know and we know what real loss is, and everything else is very relative after that.
Norm Coleman

I am so humbled by the love and outpouring of support.
Norm Coleman

Laurie and I send our heartfelt prayers and sympathies to the family and friends of those lost and injured today in Red Lake and to all those touched by this tragedy.
Norm Coleman

We have to get away from the class warfare and recognize that we are growing jobs by helping small business.
Norm Coleman

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