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Kofi Annan is a fine man, but oversaw this incredible disaster of incredible magnitude and really should step down, if we care about the U.N. making reform and regaining credibility,

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The state has suffered a very grievous loss today.
Norm Coleman

Multilateral talks could make a difference because China has some leeway on North Korea, ... If you bring enough people in who have a stake in what happens, those in the region, you got a better chance of getting something done.
Norm Coleman

The findings from this review, I hope, will provide Congress with the requisite information to make an informed decision regarding the national security implications of a Dubai-backed company owning and operating terminals at six U.S. ports.
Norm Coleman

At the end of day, we need a credible institution that has ability to lead an international response to global problems like nuclear proliferation, the horrifying spread of HIV-AIDS, economic and political rebuilding in war-torn regions, and worldwide poverty.
Norm Coleman

With the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Katrina, we in Congress must use our economic growth in the country to now focus our attention on the Gulf Coast,
Norm Coleman

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