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It is intellectually dishonest to look backwards with all the facts and judge the decisions that were made with almost none of the facts, or the facts that existed hidden in the normal cloud of endless speculation of what might happen.

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that when it's time for them to retire, there's going to be something there for them.
Norm Coleman

There is a moment of opportunity (with the world summit next week), and that moment ... has to be seized. ... If not, there will be a further undermining of support (for the UN) in the US Congress,
Norm Coleman

Ensuring the security of our global supply chain is critical to homeland security since maritime trade accounts for over 25 percent of the U.S. GDP (gross domestic product) and many experts believe that terrorists are likely to exploit the inherent vulnerabilities of the global supply chain for their nefarious purposes,
Norm Coleman

not received an official confirmation from Galloway to our invitation.
Norm Coleman

You get paid more at McDonald's than you do under the existing minimum wage.
Norm Coleman

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