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At the end of day, we need a credible institution that has ability to lead an international response to global problems like nuclear proliferation, the horrifying spread of HIV-AIDS, economic and political rebuilding in war-torn regions, and worldwide poverty.

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I think we can extend MILC and do reconciliation in a way that has little or no impact on other important farm bill initiatives I support and have worked hard to protect. This important provision has been critical for Minnesota dairy farmers in the past,
Norm Coleman

Those folks who think you grow jobs by raising taxes, or you cut the deficit by raising taxes, are simply wrong, ... That's not the way you do it.
Norm Coleman

There are already a lot of concerns. This is another concern.
Norm Coleman

to get a better feel for her intellectual capacity and judicial philosophy, core competence issues.
Norm Coleman

Galloway was anything but straight with the Congress. He was anything but straight with the American people.
Norm Coleman

Ensuring the security of our global supply chain is critical to homeland security since maritime trade accounts for over 25 percent of the U.S. GDP (gross domestic product) and many experts believe that terrorists are likely to exploit the inherent vulnerabilities of the global supply chain for their nefarious purposes,
Norm Coleman

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