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At a time when many were turning on and tuning out, Sen. McCarthy inspired an entire generation of young Americans in the '60s, including myself, to get involved in the political process and make a difference.

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I think we can extend MILC and do reconciliation in a way that has little or no impact on other important farm bill initiatives I support and have worked hard to protect. This important provision has been critical for Minnesota dairy farmers in the past,
Norm Coleman

This is not about a representative government looking at a policy and questioning whether we can bring independent judgment. This is about looking in the mirror.
Norm Coleman

Galloway was anything but straight with the Congress. He was anything but straight with the American people.
Norm Coleman

You're not prepared to put a mirror in front of your face and recognize your own inadequacies. Perhaps you may get a more sympathetic hearing if you had a willingness to confess your own sins in this.
Norm Coleman

Those folks who think you grow jobs by raising taxes, or you cut the deficit by raising taxes, are simply wrong, ... That's not the way you do it.
Norm Coleman

We have what I think we call the smoking gun, ... The additional evidence clearly demonstrates the testimony Mr. Galloway provided the sub-committee was false and misleading.
Norm Coleman

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