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Well it, nothing is done easily, you first have the thing, then the thing has a success, then all sorts of difficulties arise through the success.

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As time goes on, all schools only get left alive if they have found something special themselves.
Ninette de Valois

Also, if you have an accident, you can't start to dance again at the top, you're too weak; you start with the easy things - the way you did them when you were young, and come up up up, the way you did then.
Ninette de Valois

There would never have been a British Ballet without Diaghilev. He had a wonderful influence.
Ninette de Valois

So it takes years to make a solid company.
Ninette de Valois

And then you have the classical ballerinas, they're like sopranos. Applied to the dance.
Ninette de Valois

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