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(About Romantic Love)

It's easier to have parents if you've got a girlfriend.

("High Fidelity")

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I've been very lucky with all my adaptations - they were made by intelligent people who liked the books, and I know that not all authors feel this way.
Nick Hornby

And we hardly need ever go to the stadium to watch every game live, because they're all on TV.
Nick Hornby

Books are long. Even mine. You don't want to feel bad about them as you're writing them.
Nick Hornby

If you're a best-selling writer, then they just want to chuck the book out there, because people will buy it anyway.
Nick Hornby

That's why; he's worried about how his life is turning out, and he's lonely, and lonely people are the bitterest of them all
Nick Hornby

Women who disapprove of men - and there's plenty to disapprove of - should remember how we started out, and how far we had to travel.
Nick Hornby

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