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Books are long. Even mine. You don't want to feel bad about them as you're writing them.

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And we hardly need ever go to the stadium to watch every game live, because they're all on TV.
Nick Hornby

On top of that, I'm pretty sick of working on the books by the time they're published.
Nick Hornby

There's a hundred million different ways of writing, and it takes you a long time to sort through that stuff. And I think it takes anyone a long time to find a voice.
Nick Hornby

I get excited about having finished a new book.
Nick Hornby

Even at the beginning of the 90s people in England stood on the terraces to watch British players who would almost certainly need a job of some kind when they retired.
Nick Hornby

Most of the work, the jokes and the observations and the smaller narrative episodes, come with the actual writing rather than with the preparation.
Nick Hornby

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