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My body has certainly wandered a good deal, but I have an uneasy suspicion that my mind has not wandered enough.

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Learn the lines and don't bump into the furniture.
Noel Coward

I refuse to endure months of expensive humiliation only to be told that at the age of four I was in love with my rocking horse
Noel Coward

Mona Lisa looks as if she has just been sick, or is about to be.
Noel Coward

I'm not a heavy drinker, I can sometimes go for hours without touching a drop.
Noel Coward

I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.
Noel Coward

There's sand in the porridge and sand in the bed, And if this is pleasure we'd rather be dead.
Noel Coward

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