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(About Fate & Destiny)

We think we can make honey without sharing in the fate of bees, but we are in truth nothing but poor bees, destined to accomplish our task and then die.

("The Elegance of the Hedgehog")

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How can one betray oneself to such a degree? What corruption greater even than power can lead us to thus deny the proof of pleasure, to hold in contempt that which we have loved? ...I could have written about chouquettes my whole life long; and my whole life long, I wrote against them.
Muriel Barbery

If, in our world, there is any chance of becoming the person you haven't yet become...will I know how to seize that chance, turn my life into a garden that will be completely different from my forebears'?
Muriel Barbery

We don't recognize each other because other people have become our permanent mirrors. If we actually realized this, if we were able to become aware of the fact that we are only ever looking at ourselves in the other person, that we are alone in the wilderness, we would go crazy.
Muriel Barbery

A man who farts in bed . . . is a man who loves life.
Muriel Barbery

In the end, I wonder if the true movement of the world might not be a voice raised in song.
Muriel Barbery

I am a complete slave to vocabulary, I ought to have named my cat Roget.
Muriel Barbery

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