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You can't eat books, sweetheart.

("The Book Thief")

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He's most likely robbing the bank as a paycheck on the world for winning the ugliness prize at his local fete three years running.
Markus Zusak

It kills me sometimes, how people die.
Markus Zusak

Two weeks to change the world, fourteen days to destroy it.
Markus Zusak

It was Russia, January 5, 1943, and just another icy day. Out among the city and snow, there were dead Russians and Germans everywhere. Those who remained were firing into the blank pages in front of them. Three languages interwove. The Russian, the bullets, the German.
Markus Zusak

No, I'm not a saint, Sophie. I'm just another stupid human.
Markus Zusak

If you can't imagine it, think clumsy silence. Think bits and pieces of floating despair. And drowning in a train.
Markus Zusak

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