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Neither of us says the word love, not once. It would be tempting fate; it would be romance, bad luck.

("The Handmaid's Tale")

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I feel despised there, for having so little money; also for once having had so much. I never actually had it, of course. Father had it, and then Richard. But money was imputed to me, the same way crimes are imputed to those who've simply been present at them.
Margaret Atwood

They seemed to be able to choose. We seemed to be able to choose, then. We were a society dying of too much choice.
Margaret Atwood

Better never means better for everyone... It always means worse, for some.
Margaret Atwood

Jimmy had been full of himself back then, thinks Snowman with indulgence and a little envy. HeÆd been unhappy too, of course. It went without saying, his unhappiness. HeÆd put a lot of energy into it.
Margaret Atwood

The main thing is to keep yourself awake on writing
Margaret Atwood

At moments like this I envy those who have found a safe haven in which to bestow their hearts; or perhaps I envy them for having a heart to bestow. I often feel that I myself am without one, and possess in its stead merely a heart shaped stone.
Margaret Atwood

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