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(About Accident, Man)

Man never legislates, but destinies and accidents, happening in all sorts of ways, legislate in all sorts of ways.

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Any man may easily do harm, but not every man can do good to another.

The life that is unexamined is not worth living.

Beholding beauty with the eye of the mind, he will be enabled to bring forth, not images of beauty, but realities (for he has hold not of an image but of a reality), and bringing forth and nourishing true virtue to become the friend of God and be immortal, if mortal man may.

When the mind is thinking it is talking to itself.

He who not being inspired and having no touch of madness in his soul comes to the door and thinkshe will get into the temple by the help of art - he, I say, and his poetry are not admitted.

This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.

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