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The Jungle Bush Beaters didn't last too long as a group, but we had a pretty good time while we did.

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You can either make it come around or you can't. By the time we would be ready to record a song, we would know for sure that it was the best way we could do it.
Levon Helm

I like walking on the edge.
Levon Helm

Lord, when the song wants to pick up and go a little faster towards the end, it's hard for me to resist.
Levon Helm

I was in high school, trying to get out of high school. The only thing slowing me up was grades.
Levon Helm

If you feel like you're getting into a rut with a song, a night off usually fixes it.
Levon Helm

Well, somebody's got to sing. They won't hire you unless you sing.
Levon Helm

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