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He had the unlucky capacity many men have of seeing and believing in the possibility of goodness and truth, but of seeing the evil and falsehood of life too clearly to take any serious part in it.

("War and Peace")

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The subject of history is the life of peoples and mankind.
Leo Tolstoy

I think that when you remember, remember, remember everything like that, you could go on until you remember what was there before you were in the world.
Leo Tolstoy

If a man earnestly seeks a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from animal food.
Leo Tolstoy

Let us forgive each other - only then will we live in peace
Leo Tolstoy

These joys were so trifling as to be as imperceptible as grains of gold among the sand, and in moments of depression she saw nothing but the sand; yet there were brighter moments when she felt nothing but joy, saw nothing but the gold.
Leo Tolstoy

Whatever question arose, a swarm of these drones, without having finished their buzzing on a previous theme, flew over to the new one and by their hum drowned and obscured the voices of those who were disputing honestly.
Leo Tolstoy

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