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For men, unless it's a pretty casual affair, it's usually best to leave the shorts at home. And while there are many nice dress sandals for men, most of them don't go with business casual or formal attire. Of course, you can always check with your employer about the dress-code policies to see if dress sandals are OK to wear.

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I think my official answer is it depends. It absolutely depends on where you live. I think if the weather is nice enough you don't need to wait until Memorial Day to start wearing white and lighter colors.
Laura McDowell

You can wear a lighter-weight Bohemian skirt if it's light out. If you want to wear it at night, and it's cooler, add cowboy boots.
Laura McDowell

We're coming to the mall because it's a higher traffic area. The idea is more traffic, more customers, more sales.
Laura McDowell

It's definitely a very feminine season. There's just a huge variety out there, which is good because there's something for everybody.
Laura McDowell

It was wonderful to hear the students grapple with the complex issues of peacekeeping in a war-torn region and to work toward a consensus of what could be done to promote peace and stability.
Laura McDowell

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