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(About Romantic Love)

That's a Valentine classic - 15 minutes in the back of a parking lot. Just to show her you care.

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John was a role model for me who led to a lot of the reasons why I continued running after high school and college. He was the guy who most of the (local) teens aspired to be like as a runner.
Kevin Collins

What is going on here is the Court of Appeals is saying the integrity of the process is important. The Court of Appeals says this is evidence that is improper.
Kevin Collins

PWC will be unregulated for two years in truly pristine natural environments, places that are the epitome of a national park, like Cumberland National Seashore in Georgia. This rule doesn't help in any way.
Kevin Collins

Today's op-ed is nothing more than rhetoric. Senator Clinton can help establish common ground by taking action. A good first step would be to introduce legislation protecting the right to provide services and counseling to pregnant women seeking alternatives to abortion.
Kevin Collins

Thank God we have electricity to hold Mass. Thank God we are fine. We are praying for all the people in Louisiana and Texas who were affected by Hurricane Rita.
Kevin Collins

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