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Institutions don't tend to change unless they have to. Because the University doesn't list its holdings, it's very difficult for any organized group to push them to divest.

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That's a Valentine classic - 15 minutes in the back of a parking lot. Just to show her you care.
Kevin Collins

He has stated that affairs of the heart are private matters that should be kept that way.
Kevin Collins

This is a very casual, informal process that doesn't allow public comment, environmental analysis and doesn't consider conflicts with other uses,
Kevin Collins

PWC will be unregulated for two years in truly pristine natural environments, places that are the epitome of a national park, like Cumberland National Seashore in Georgia. This rule doesn't help in any way.
Kevin Collins

Thank God we have electricity to hold Mass. Thank God we are fine. We are praying for all the people in Louisiana and Texas who were affected by Hurricane Rita.
Kevin Collins

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