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Darling girl, blinded by foolish thoughts of love. How to tell her that the hearts of men were not so easily won. If won, rarely kept.

("The Forgotten Garden")

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The happiest folk are those that are busy, for their minds are starved of time to seek out woe.
Kate Morton

Thinking of nothing. Trying to think of nothing. Thinking of everything.
Kate Morton

Memory is a cruel mistress with whom we all must learn to dance.
Kate Morton

Cassandra wondered at the mind's cruel ability to toss up flecks of the past. Why, as she neared her life's end, her grandmother's head should ring with the voices of people long since gone. Was it always this way? Did those with passage booked on death's silent ship always scan the dock for faces of the long-departed?
Kate Morton

She was the sort of person for whom fear was the natural response to that beyond explanation.
Kate Morton

To abandon a child, she had once said to someone, when she thought Cassandra couldn't hear, was an act so cold, so careless, it refused forgiveness.
Kate Morton

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