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Liberal, Tory, same old story.

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As people become richer, they also start wanting things like democracy. The fact that India already is a democracy is a huge advantage on China, which could be strongly disrupted down the line.
John Williamson

The average taxpayer is no worse off under this budget and many will net out ahead. Families with young children, in particular will rocket ahead.
John Williamson

I find it maddening that after making such great political hay out of high gas taxes in opposition, he's now just ready to shrug and do nothing about it.
John Williamson

In contrast, India's growth has been much more heavily biased toward the service industry. India has never set itself as an export platform of manufacturing goods.
John Williamson

We want to force the creation and let it grow as part of a large network, empowering people to be their own celebrity.
John Williamson

If those cuts are repealed in the upcoming budget, Canadians will end up paying higher income taxes this year and in future years. The only person talking about hindering tax-relief measures is the prime minister.
John Williamson

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