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It was designed with the thought of making everything pleasant for the patient, ... We want all of them to be as comfortable as possible.

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Defeated and retiring members will win financially thanks to a gold-plated pension plan and rich severance payments for parliamentarians. Shed no tears for retiring or defeated MPs. They are being well looked after by Canadian taxpayers.
John Williamson

This only reinforces the perception that, when it comes to spending, there is not a lot of consideration given to taxpayers,
John Williamson

He's been invisible when important policy issues have sprung up. They just seem to have missed opportunity after opportunity.
John Williamson

The point, simply, is that we are doing more rediscovering these days than discovering coming anew upon truths that ignorant people refused to examine, over the centuries, because the wise people who held custody of the fundamental truths of nature were unpopular.
John Williamson

We see more and more every day the importance of education, creative education beyond the routine,
John Williamson

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