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(About Failure)

Defeated and retiring members will win financially thanks to a gold-plated pension plan and rich severance payments for parliamentarians. Shed no tears for retiring or defeated MPs. They are being well looked after by Canadian taxpayers.

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This allows me to have access to my patients' records from any computer no matter where I may be,
John Williamson

In contrast, India's growth has been much more heavily biased toward the service industry. India has never set itself as an export platform of manufacturing goods.
John Williamson

I don't think India is competing with China yet.
John Williamson

Liberal, Tory, same old story.
John Williamson

John Williamson, a laid-off IT worker, said he tried unsuccessfully to volunteer. We should have had some direction, some leadership, ... But when you tried to step up to the plate, you got pushed aside. It seemed politics stepped into it pretty quickly.
John Williamson

This only reinforces the perception that, when it comes to spending, there is not a lot of consideration given to taxpayers,
John Williamson

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