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(About Hatred, Love)

Anyone can hate. It costs to love.

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I'm very excited. When I first committed to everything and verbal, and I had a smile, I'm just glad it. I'm going to be happy to make it official today.
John Williamson

When you stack up what he's spending next to his cabinet colleagues, Mr. Volpe's spending is out of line and he should be reined in,
John Williamson

I think he would be a good choice. He's already ran the second-largest finance department in Canada.
John Williamson

It was designed with the thought of making everything pleasant for the patient, ... We want all of them to be as comfortable as possible.
John Williamson

This is an exciting project that trains pre-doctoral students for America's long-term need for top-notch scientists capable of translating research results into new technologies and new businesses.
John Williamson

There's no doubt he was very supportive of that agenda.
John Williamson

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