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She was pondering the option of law school, the great American baby-sitter for directionless postgrads.

("The Runaway Jury")

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I was never a bookworm. I remember reading Dr. Seuss, the Hardy Boys, Emil and the Detectives, Chip Hilton, and lots of Mark Twain and Dickens. My athletic ability did nothing but invite taunts. I was an indifferent student and an athlete with delusions of adequacy, dreams of adulation.
John Grisham

In these very, very rare circumstances - this tragic time - we hope the gift will get some attention and inspire other people to contribute money and help our fellow Mississippians on the Gulf coast.
John Grisham

We want to raise all we can and then take the next two years to spend all of it, ... Hopefully then we'll be out of business and there'll be no more hurricanes.
John Grisham

in a good light.
John Grisham

A Time to Kill.
John Grisham

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