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When the new executive meeting center is complete, we intend to more aggressively target group business, with a goal of assuming a leadership position in this area.

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Restaurants come to an area after all the homes are already there. It's the new office space that is leading the construction industry right now. That is what is attracting the investment money.
John Green

Netscape won't do some things that Internet Explorer will do, ... But then, IE 7 is sort of a step back, so you just really need to view a page on more than one browser before you approve it.
John Green

Buying transportation should be simpler than it is. Carriers, however, have been forced to make it complex in order to provide shippers with the minute details they need to offer the best service to their customers.
John Green

We've seen each party try to invoke the values most commonly associated with the other party,
John Green

We had a party, a Father's Day party, going-away party and daughter's birthday party all wrapped up in one, ... He was great the thing of it is he loves kids.
John Green

He's conservative by temperament many of his policy positions, such as cutting taxes, are on the right side of the political spectrum. But he doesn't have a consistent set of conservative principles. That's what a lot of the complaint has been about, especially after the State of the Union.
John Green

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