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(About Opportunity)

Some Democrats are beginning to salivate too much, ... They still have to make good on their opportunity.

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He's conservative by temperament many of his policy positions, such as cutting taxes, are on the right side of the political spectrum. But he doesn't have a consistent set of conservative principles. That's what a lot of the complaint has been about, especially after the State of the Union.
John Green

The basic concern about the poor and preventing budget cuts is not a new concern. They're just more vocal and active about it than they have been in a long time.
John Green

We'll see Bush charging up his base, but in ways that won't alienate other folks. It's hard to do both things. But there are not enough base voters in either camp to win, so they need to reach out to the middle and poach the other guy's turf.
John Green

There's a lot of investment money out there right now. People really have done well the past four or five years and they recognize that northern Colorado is going to keep growing. So there is a lot of commercial building out there that is attracting investment money.
John Green

The Taft name has always meant men who are conservative, even stodgy, but always ethical. These investigations are a blow to the magic of the great family name.
John Green

If you look at public opinion surveys, there's a basis in the evangelical community for these kinds of initiatives on the environment. But they're not there yet.
John Green

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