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My sense is that at least in this state, Kerry is playing to tie on the foreign policy questions and the so-called values issues, the shorthand for which is God and guns. He comes into Ohio and he talks about being a sportsman, he talks about his military record, he talks about his faith, but he probably can't win on those issues,

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We've seen each party try to invoke the values most commonly associated with the other party,
John Green

The investment in rare coins has captured the public's imagination. People feel in their gut that it's a bad idea. That's devastating for a governor who's never been flashy but had the Taft reputation for integrity and good judgment.
John Green

There is some fear that they might perhaps, on some issues like abortion, carry out a kind of Catholic jurisprudence rather than reflecting a broader point of view.
John Green

The car caught fire. From what I understand it just went up the side of the house.
John Green

We had a party, a Father's Day party, going-away party and daughter's birthday party all wrapped up in one, ... He was great the thing of it is he loves kids.
John Green

We'll see Bush charging up his base, but in ways that won't alienate other folks. It's hard to do both things. But there are not enough base voters in either camp to win, so they need to reach out to the middle and poach the other guy's turf.
John Green

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