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(About Running, Time)

His time is running out.

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This is a classic confrontation between purists and pragmatists. It has been going on in both parties since the 1960s. This example is especially stark because DeWine and his critics are both conservative and committed to the same basic values.
John Green

The Catholic hierarchy has become more conservative. What we don't know is whether Catholic voters will become increasingly conservative, or ... stay swing voters.
John Green

All of these tactics, at one time or another, have been effective, particularly in a primary. The danger is, will it get so negative that it will begin turning people off.
John Green

Other people are going to have to make the case for him. He's not in a position to do it himself.
John Green

I think this event will show something very important, which is that the evangelical community is not monolithic. I think they disagree on many things, and I think that will surprise people. A lot of people believe evangelicals speak with one voice and showing that isn't so serves the long-term goals of both men.
John Green

It's really hard to tell whether this will be a blip on the radar screen or whether it reflects a deep change in public opinion. A lot will depend to what extent Sheehan and her vigil link up with the disquiet we're seeing in public polls, especially with the people who haven't been opposed to the war in the past.
John Green

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