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(About Time)

Given what has come out, it seems very likely that Bob Ney would draw a strong opponent. If one were tempted to run against Bob Ney, this would certainly be seen as the time.

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When the new executive meeting center is complete, we intend to more aggressively target group business, with a goal of assuming a leadership position in this area.
John Green

Some Democrats are beginning to salivate too much, ... They still have to make good on their opportunity.
John Green

It's still early in the process, ... Senator Inhofe is going to have to sit up and listen.
John Green

We're talking about turning thousands of static Web pages into one or two template-based pages run by a database, ... And it's logical because databases are the best way to store information, and the Internet is the best way to distribute it.
John Green

I think this event will show something very important, which is that the evangelical community is not monolithic. I think they disagree on many things, and I think that will surprise people. A lot of people believe evangelicals speak with one voice and showing that isn't so serves the long-term goals of both men.
John Green

My sense is that at least in this state, Kerry is playing to tie on the foreign policy questions and the so-called values issues, the shorthand for which is God and guns. He comes into Ohio and he talks about being a sportsman, he talks about his military record, he talks about his faith, but he probably can't win on those issues,
John Green

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