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Unless it's spiritual, a 'belief' can only be based on facts.

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Atlanta will need to overcome the hurdles of internal bureaucracy and the tendency for committees to create mediocre campaigns. It's not an issue that is distinct to Atlanta. It's an issue distinct to politics.
John Barker

I find it a terrific mix of medium and content to target the gatekeeper customers, who are for the most part the moms who are buying costumes,
John Barker

The oil companies will do the best that they can to explain the complexity of bringing oil to the market, explaining the variables of weather disasters and international conflicts and so forth,
John Barker

Ultimately, the decision came down to Coach Robinson, ... and he didn't feel I should be the starter. That's the decision they made, and I had to live with it.
John Barker

Any time two competitors join forces, there is a tendency to stop competing -- a concept that looks good on paper but can be deadly in-market,
John Barker

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