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(About Decision Making)

Ultimately, the decision came down to Coach Robinson, ... and he didn't feel I should be the starter. That's the decision they made, and I had to live with it.

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(My Dad) told me, 'You have the chance to go to UMass and be a good kicker and a decent baseball player,' ... 'or you can play big-time Division I football, now pick.'
John Barker

The oil companies will do the best that they can to explain the complexity of bringing oil to the market, explaining the variables of weather disasters and international conflicts and so forth,
John Barker

We held down the prices as long as we could. But the president of the company makes the price changing decisions and we have to follow them.
John Barker

Unless it's spiritual, a 'belief' can only be based on facts.
John Barker

I miss baseball badly, ... If I didn't get some sort of closure, which came with winning the state championship, I'd probably be somewhere playing baseball, too.
John Barker

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