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The human heart doesnt change that much, ... I think theyre a few writers where you dont understand where their talent comes from. Those kind of artists speak inherent emotional truths well always be attached to.

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We were trying to understand the emotional relevance of every move and gesture.
Joe Wright

So much of today's film culture, in England and America, is based on lies, really. The industry is very ambitious, and success has become such an opium, people start from the wrong place they forget sometimes that the core of what we do is storytelling. It serves a need, a purpose for the individual and society to pull us together in shared experience and help us realize we're not alone in that experience.
Joe Wright

It only makes sense if they're young, because they're having these feelings and misunderstandings for the first time, ... I didn't want to make the '40-Year-Old Virgin.'
Joe Wright

I don't want a kid who's interested in being a star. I'm interested in a kid who's interested in acting. This isn't Pop Idol.
Joe Wright

I wanted someone young, but not a pretty boy I wanted a big, strong manly man -- a proper man -- because of what Elizabeth Bennet is going through. The whole process of falling in love -- from the physical and the emotional to the intellectual to the spiritual -- and to the way it changes your perceptions. ... That's what I tried to capture.
Joe Wright

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