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It doesn't really work. The most important thing I did was that I wanted to cast all the actors at the right ages. I wanted to cast them at the ages that Austen wrote them. It seemed to me that these are young people experiencing these emotions for the first time.

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You've got these six women - five daughters and Mrs Bennet - all talking over each other, all wanting to be heard and all needing their space. They've got to appear real.
Joe Wright

Emma was the fairy godmother of the film she gave wonderful advice.
Joe Wright

Jane Austen has phenomenal craft, ... I tried to stay faithful to the narrative, the tone and atmosphere of the book, to find a cinematic equivalent of 'Pride and Prejudice.'
Joe Wright

I really didn't think I was going to like it, that it was only for girls. I was shocked by its sense of observation and its careful study. It felt very modern and very fresh.
Joe Wright

It wasn't that originally I didn't want her. I think she's being too modest. I thought she may be too beautiful to play Elizabeth. I kind of had the idea that Elizabeth should be a little plainer. So I met a number of people for the role.
Joe Wright

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