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soon realize they're out there spraying at daybreak. They're out there picking at night (under lights), and it's costing them more than they're getting out of it. That's not the type of vineyard longevity I'm looking for.

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We were just experiencing a wealth of drive-offs.
Joe Hart

Usually the Public Works Department does one, the parks department and water resources does theirs. It's a value that (county supervisors) will see it all in one place.
Joe Hart

It's just a big disappointment. I don't think we were ready to play. Told the guys all week, they celebrated the Central win too long. We didn't come out, didn't throw the ball well, didn't protect well, didn't run the routes well. We didn't do anything r
Joe Hart

They took the sample back then and put in on a computer database where it sat. When they arrested (Parrish), they took blood and ran it through the system to see if there were any matches, and they got a hit on our burglary.
Joe Hart

I just don't think we were ready for Fayetteville. We celebrated our win over Little Rock Central last week a little too long. We came out and didn't protect, didn't throw the ball well and didn't run routes well. Nothing went right and it was mistake after mistake.
Joe Hart

The board will know what the project is, and we have done a little footwork and will be in a good position to apply for funding.
Joe Hart

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