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Initially, we took the administration policy and put it in the bill just to clarify and give certainty to the industry on what they could and couldn't do, ... But I have agreed to do hearings in committee, and go through the regular process, and bring it to the floor later this year as a stand-alone bill or as a part of another piece of legislation.

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It is unfortunate that it takes a hurricane like Katrina or Rita to show us just how acute the problem is. Now is the time to start to correct this problem and build more refineries in the United States.
Joe Barton

I don't know what it would take to make a change in management, but if I was a dues-paying member of the Guild, I would want a change in management,
Joe Barton

Enactment of this legislation by December would give us three years to prepare for the transition, ... That is more than enough time for manufacturers and retailers to move low-cost digital televisions and converter-boxes into the market, for the FCC to complete the channel allocation process, for broadcasters to finalize their digital facilities and for government and industry to prepare consumers for the transition.
Joe Barton

You're torn between 'Take care of the people that need taking care of, period' and doing it in a way that doesn't break the bank.
Joe Barton

Then Hurricane Katrina hit, and energy is back on the agenda big time,
Joe Barton

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