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Coach Weis does a great job of getting former guys back and that's important because we are part of this university. Before, you just didn't know where you fit in.

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when my body started to come around. I said to myself, 'If my body doesn't come around, there's no way I can be out here.' I only play a certain way. At that point, I said to myself, 'If it doesn't come back, I have to walk away.' . . . It was the first time it took that long for his body to recover from a season. I don't know if it was the age or whatever, but it took a while. I think that was a message that, 'You're okay, but it's taking a little longer.'
Jerome Bettis

We knew coming in that if we wanted to control this division, this was the game.
Jerome Bettis

This is amazing. You play your whole career for this opportunity, and to have this opportunity at home in Detroit . . . to win a championship in front of my friends and family and everybody who's seen me play since I was a kid, it's a dream come true.
Jerome Bettis

The decision is tough, because I know I can still get it done.
Jerome Bettis

Wow. Incredible. This is a crowd, I tell you what.
Jerome Bettis

This feels great. It makes everything that I've ever had to go through worthwhile. I've always wished it could have been me, and now that I have the opportunity, I relish every moment of it.
Jerome Bettis

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