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(About Environment, Failure)

Failure to comply with hazardous waste regulations endangers both human health and the environment and will not be tolerated.

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This past Sunday night, I counted 31 pigs out in my field. This is a major problem.
Jeff Scott

Everyone always says that we're too showy. We think that's hilarious. I mean, you come to a show to see a show, yet we're too showy...hypocrisy my friends.
Jeff Scott

Emergency departments and ER doctors will take it on the chin. And follow-up care would be difficult for those patients to obtain, especially those without insurance.
Jeff Scott

English is one of the most talented and gifted athletes I have ever come across in 20-plus years. You don't come across athletes like her very often. She has definite Olympic potential.
Jeff Scott

I think through the mistakes they've made, they understand the process a little better.
Jeff Scott

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