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I didn't realize until then there was such a war-torn country in this world where people couldn't even afford to have the basic needs in life, such as food, accommodation and education. I was shocked.

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The company has hired a job-testing expert to come up with a new job analysis.
Jack Lee

They played quite well. Tomorrow should be another good day for us as several have said they can improve on their scores.
Jack Lee

I think it's a good decision for plaintiffs.
Jack Lee

Minorities have to remain vigilant that Abercrombie is doing what it promised to do. Not only should minorities apply to Abercrombie, we need to monitor if Abercrombie is treating Asian Americans and other minorities fairly in the hiring process and when they are working. We need to hold Abercrombie's feet to the fire.
Jack Lee

You don't have to pin in every match. If everybody goes out and wins a decision, we'll still win the meet.
Jack Lee

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