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All he needed was a wheel in his hand and four on the road.

(On the Road)

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All of life is a foreign country.
Jack Kerouac

I left with my canvas bag in which a few fundamental things were packed and took off for the Pacific Ocean with the fifty dollars in my pocket.
Jack Kerouac

The bus roared through Indiana cornfields that night; the moon illuminated the ghostly gathered husks; it was almost Halloween. I made the acquaintance of a girl and we necked all the way to Indianapolis. She was nearsighted. When we got off to eat I had to lead her by the hand to the lunch counter. She bought my meals; my sandwiches were all gone. In exchange I told her long stories.
Jack Kerouac

Nobody knows what's going on to happen to anybody beside the forlorn rags of growing old
Jack Kerouac

I took a straight picture that made me look like a thirty-year-old Italian who'd kill anybody who said something against his mother.
Jack Kerouac

She spoke of evenings in the country making popcorn on the porch. Once this would have gladdened my heart but because her heart was not glad when she said it I knew there was nothing in it but the idea of what one should do.
Jack Kerouac

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