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In fact, Cannonball Run II. I used to pick that as the worst movie ever made.

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They know they got the TV ad, they know they got the name recognition, they know that they can do a tie in with McDonald's or some fast food outlet and the money is just gonna flow in.
Gene Siskel

After 27 years, I walked out of my first one a few months ago. Black Sheep with Chris Farley.
Gene Siskel

Roger and I are now in our 20th year and I think people tune in because they know that for better or for worse, these are our opinions.
Gene Siskel

John Goodman is more that just a big guy, he's a wonderful actor.
Gene Siskel

We don't pretend to disagree.
Gene Siskel

Is this film more interesting than a documentary of the same actors having lunch?
Gene Siskel

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