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If only I had thought of a Kodak! I could have flashed that glimpse of the Under-world in a second, and examined it at leisure.

("The Time Machine")

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The too perfect security of the Upper-worlders had led them to a slow movement of degeneration, a general dwindling in size strength and intelligence.
H.G. Wells

Very simple was my explanation, and plausible enough---as most wrong theories are!
H.G. Wells

The man was running away with the rest, and selling his papers for a shilling each as he ran-a grotesque mingling of profit and panic.
H.G. Wells

For after the Battle comes quiet.
H.G. Wells

In the next place, wonderful as it seems in a sexual world, the Martians were absolutely without sex, and therefore without any of the tumultuous emotions that arise...
H.G. Wells

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