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Not an ugly color, Nanny thought. Just not a human color.

("Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West")

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That's all I want- to do no harm.
Gregory Maguire

The moon passed overhead in its path from the Vinkus, and she felt its accusatory spotlight, and moved back from the tall windows.
Gregory Maguire

The nature of the world is to be calm, and enhance and support life, and evil is an absence of the inclination of matter to be at peace.
Gregory Maguire

The cunning old cow, thought Melena. She is trying that rarest of strategies, telling the truth, and making it sound plausible.
Gregory Maguire

There was much to hate in this world and too much to love.
Gregory Maguire

The more civilized we become, the more horrendous our entertainments.
Gregory Maguire

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