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Spiritual wisdom wells up in the minds of those unto whom the Lord Himself shows Mercy. Those who have such destiny written upon their foreheads obtain the Name of the Lord.

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When you are under the power of sexual desire, anger and worldly attachment, or a greedy miser in love with your wealth if you have committed the four great sins and other mistakes even if you are a murderous fiend who has never taken the time to listen to sacred books, hymns and poetry - if you then come to remember the Supreme Lord God, and contemplate Him, even for a moment, you shall be saved.
Granth Sahib

O Nanak, the shaven-headed ones are devils. They are not pleased to hear these words. When it rains, there is happiness. Water is the key to all life. When it rains, the corn grows, and the sugar cane, and the cotton, which provides clothing for all.
Granth Sahib

God is overflowing with all powers. I have no honor - He is my resting place.
Granth Sahib

As the waves of water merge again with the water, so does my light merge again into the Light.
Granth Sahib

With your tongue, repeat the True Name, and your mind and body shall become pure. Your mother and father and all your relations - without Him, there are none at all.
Granth Sahib

The humble servants of the Lord are absorbed in the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. The pain of birth and the fear of death are eradicated.
Granth Sahib

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