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(About Death & Dying)

He drew the dagger and laid it on the table between them; a length of dragonbone and Valyrian steel, as sharp as the difference between right and wrong, between true and false, between life and death.

("A Game of Thrones")

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Never ask me about Jon; he is my blood and that is all you need to know! Ned was different. He brought his bastard home, and called him son.
George R.R. Martin

Black moleskin gloves covered his hands; the right because it was burned, the left because a man felt half a fool wearing only one glove.
George R.R. Martin

Tomorrow's trials concerned her more than yesterday's triumphs.
George R.R. Martin

We all dream of things we cannot have.
George R.R. Martin

She remembered the godswood, drooping branches heavy with moisture, and the sound of her brother's laughter as he chased her through piles of damp leaves.
George R.R. Martin

A lord must learn that sometimes words can accomplish what swords cannot.
George R.R. Martin

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