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And the mystery knight should defeat all challengers and name the wolf maid the queen of love and beauty.

("A Storm of Swords")

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The world was full of cravens who pretended to be heroes; it took a queer sort of courage to admit to cowardice...
George R.R. Martin

Any act can be a prayer, if done as well as we are able.
George R.R. Martin

There are things to be learned even from the dead.
George R.R. Martin

I've never been quite sure what the point of a eunuch is, if truth be told. It seems to me they're only men with the useful bits cut off.
George R.R. Martin

If a man paints a target on his chest, he should expect that sooner or later someone will loose an arrow on him.
George R.R. Martin

Some gave me soft words and some blunt, some made excuses, some promises, some only lied. In the end words are just wind.
George R.R. Martin

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