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Getting to the playoffs is tough. The sections are more balanced and it's getting harder and harder to make the playoffs. Any team that makes the playoffs has to be pretty good and they're all battle-tested to come through their sections.

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I was most impressed with our defense. We made every one of their possessions hard, and we really didn't give up too many easy baskets. We are playing more aggressive defense than we have done all year.
Gene Brisbane

I think, whenever you're in a one-and-could-be-done situation, you have to have everything totally ready that you're capable of doing. We've scouted them, they've scouted us and there aren't going to be too many surprises.
Gene Brisbane

They scored a lot of points in the paint and we gave them too many second chances. We had a game plan and we were doing a pretty good job with it. We're not out of anything. We just have to take care of business.
Gene Brisbane

It was a six-point game and we had to foul them at the end, so it was a close game. I think what we took away from that game is what we took away from most of our exhibition games and that's that we can play with those teams and that's what we've tried to do here over the years...because the girls are not the least bit worried about who we play.
Gene Brisbane

They've got into the games and provided us with a spark through great defense, getting a key steal here and there.
Gene Brisbane

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