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Mr. Overton filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of the family. He is zealously representing them as their advocate. I think it's best that I don't engage in a debate with him over the lawsuit.

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The language was ill-advised. In the opinion of the deputy chiefs, (the change) was not good policy and they directed that revisions be made.
Don Aaron

At this point in the investigation, there is no indication that he had anything to do with the murders of his wife and daughter.
Don Aaron

Officers are permitted to use deadly force when their lives are in danger or citizens' lives are in imminent danger. Officer Davidson believed he was in imminent danger.
Don Aaron

You can't fire weapons in urban areas. It is an urban area. Certainly there are places in Davidson County that are extensively wooded. There also are large open fields in Davidson County. I would refer to that area in Bellevue at the movie theater as an urban area.
Don Aaron

The father came home, found Anderson in the house with his teenage daughter. (The father) ordered him out of the house, called police and subsequently, Anderson was admonished to stay away from his home and daughter.
Don Aaron

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